Who We Are

Founder/CEO: Athena Haley

Houston, Texas native Athena Haley, commonly known as “Haley”, has garnered her roots in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA. Many people know her as the talented woman with a caring heart. Similar many non-native Californians Haley came to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. At the tender age of eleven, she was immediately smitten with the “acting” bug and her journey has taken off from there. Initially wanting to share her talents in the entertainment business as an actress, Haley began creating work for herself when she found it difficult to find work that truly highlighted her unique skills and talents for the craft. Ms. Haley’s 1 st film that she wrote, produced and starred in, I Was Her, addressed relevant topics such as abusive parent, drugs, prostitution, rape, homelessness and teenage runaways.

Realizing challenging aspects of life existed beyond the silver screen, Haley, turned to providing services for those individuals who actually encounter these situations daily. Thus, Love My Neighbor Foundation was formed, an organization that helps feed & clothe the Skid Row Homeless population every Thursday from 12PM to 2PM. For two years Haley has dedicated much of her time, collecting & distributing food, clothing, shoes & toiletries to countless homeless men, women & children in Los Angeles.

After living in her car with her dog, Mr. King, Haley understands firsthand the emotions surrounding homelessness. Because she felt she got herself into her situation, she didn’t want to depend on anyone to get her out. So she continued going to church, reading her bible, prayed, and telling herself God wouldn’t put her in a situation she couldn’t handle. And she came to truly understand the phrase, “what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger.”

The trials and tribulations that Haley has faced from losing her 29 year-old brother to leukemia, abusive relationships and overcoming the fear of abandonment gives her the energy, passion and wisdom on how to lead the Love My Neighbor Foundation.

Love My Neighbor, is not just another foundation giving away food, clothes etc. This foundation is establishing a viable and respectable means for homeless individuals to receive the necessities of life as they regain their way back into society.

Many of the co-volunteers are entertainers or people in the LA entertainment business as Haley works as a talent agent, writer, film producer and actress. These individuals in the community realize the plight of the homelessness in Los Angeles, and give countless hours to ensure their impact is more than words by donating resources, volunteering, and financial donations.

There have been countless times when Haley was just one paycheck away from becoming homeless again but still found a way to find funds to feed the homeless. She is a better person having had such profound experiences, because she now knows that she can overcome any obstacle. Haley is a woman who knows how painful life can be and wants to inspire other young women to achieve their dreams, but always with the intention to give back and pay it forward for the next generation.

Meet The Team

Danielle Foster – Vice President

Naimah Qazi-   Vice President of Operations

Giselle Castor – Administrator Assistant

Jose Hernandez – Lead Volunteer

Dominic Oliver

Kelvin Bellamy

La Toya Barner-Bellamy